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Candle Hot Lavender 80gr


The massage oil is presented in a novel form of candle, that in addition to perfume and create ambient, allows a sensitive and stimulating massage. Indicated for all skin types and for any area of the body. It gives the skin excellent emollient properties , leaving the skin soft, moisturised and delicately perfumed.

The synergy between the active specific for each one of the candles and heat, favour the absorption of the active ingredients and massage. This better absorption prolongs the action of these assets on the skin. The product is of vegetable origin, does not contain paraffin of mineral origin nor fats and nor animal proteins. Application temperature: 38 – 40 °C with pressing oils and natural scents that provide nutrition to the skin most appropriate and which allow you to work the techniques of massage, widely being very pleasant for the client to work with a warm oil.

Main Ingredients & Properties

  • Vegetable butters
  • Oil of chamomile
  • Calendula oil



Candle melts at a relatively low temperature around 40°C but the container and the product can reach higher temperatures if you leave the candle on a long time. Check the temperature of the oil on the inside of the wrist before each use and never let the lighted candle more than 1 hour. Turn off the candle if the product this fully cast into the container. Once opened consume the product within 12 months.




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